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Grass seed mat has its seeds all ingrained throughout the mat, thus removing the guessing game of how much of it is needed. Gone are the days of marking out equal areas, weighing and trying to spread evenly. No more over seeding resulting in a choked lawn that will unevenly thin out after germination, or under seeding giving sparse, patchy growth with weeds filling in the gaps.

The grass seed rolls can be laid quickly as a very easy do-it-yourself project. Just cut the mat to any shape and no hassle of carrying cumbersome and large products to hard-to-reach places. It stays where you want it – it can’t be washed away by rain, blown away by the wind or eaten by birds. Grass seed mat removal is not required as the mats are usually biodegradable.

Grass Seed Mat Review

There are many grass seed mat review and choices available online. It includes honest and unbiased product reviews from users. Check out the below items to find the suitable ones for your lawn: 

Grass Seed Mat Home Depot 

Pennington Seed 601907 39-Inch x 18-Ft. Netless Seed Mat

Sold by Grass Seed Mat Home Depot or Amazon, it helps to hold them all in place once applied. As a weed free straw alternative, they are an ideal use for putting on slopes and hills. These mats are natural wood fibers which can keep it moist for super germination, helps to prevent weeds, will not trap animals or tangle in a mower, and prevent erosion.

Some customers’ reviews:

          It keeps moisture on the ground, lets the seed grow

          Worked great and NO plastic!!! WIN!

          Use straw, it’s cheaper, and works just as well

          It really works!

          This product does not work

          Not worth the money no impregnated seed old grass clippings or straw is much better Save your money 

Grass Seed Mat Lowes 

Greenscapes 50-ft x 4-ft Wood Fiber Seed Blanket

This product is available at Grass Seed Mat Lowes. It helps to keep soil and seed in place. It promotes 200% improvement in germination and is recommended to use with Greenscapes biodegradable stakes.

Some customers’ reviews:

          Very expensive, but also very effective

          Works well to keep soil and seed in place.

          Easy to use, easy to clean

          Product is just so so

          Plastic Mesh Not Biodegradable

          Good for the Price 

Grass Seed Mat Menards 

Lawn Seed Blanket 100 sq. ft.

This item can be found at Grass Seed Mat Menards. It is an all-in-one biodegradable mulch blanket with embedded seed that makes it easy to repair bare spots in your lawn. Just unroll, cut to size and water, it’s that simple. It also has its patented technology that proved quicker establishment and weed suppression while using less water, less fertilizer, and fewer chemicals. 

Some customers’ reviews: None

Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion control blanket is used to cover bare or newly planted soil. It is very useful in minimizing the erosive effect of rainfall. It can stabilize the ground to protect new seed and plantings and reduces sediment during storm water run-off events. It works very well in the ground stabilization from steep to moderate slopes, new landscaped areas, and drainage swales and ditches that are to be planted or seeded.