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Zoysia grass seed for sale is offered worldwide, and mostly has been pre-treated, or primed to improve the germination speed and percentage through breaking the natural seed dormancy. However, regardless whether treated or not, it should be planted in the same season and will have a germination rate of over 75% to produce good results. It is not for storing for extended periods of time.

It is believed that Zoysia is the most environmentally friendly, simple care, and lowest maintenance lawn type for all the warmer regions, as well as one of the most beautiful lawn grasses available. Considered as one of the first warm season grasses that can recover in spring, but it will turn to brown as winter sets in. This species varies from extremely fine texture to coarse texture types, and its leaf blades are very stiff due to a high silica content.  It is a warm-season grass grown throughout the central and southern climates across the world. Popular in most parts of Asia, it was named after the famous botanist Karl Von Zois.

Zoysia grass can be grown into a home lawn by many different methods. It can be laid from sod, which is more commonly known as roll on turf. It can be grown from Envirocells, which are small plugs of grass sold in tray form and is a far more economical way to plant. It can also be grown from seed which is the most cost-effective way to start any new lawn type. There are good places where this can be cultivated. According to research, this could be planted along East Coast up to Maryland, and as far west in California. You can find it growing on soils that are acidic and alkaline. Just like St. Augustine, these grasses have a high tolerance for salt spray which helps it to grow even more.

There are different varieties of Zoysia Grass that you can choose from. But the most commonly used are the Compadre Zoysia, Empire Zoysia, and Zenith Zoysia grass seed. They are all in the Japonica family, which has excellent natural tolerance to winter and suitable for a broad range of different growing conditions.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed

Zenith Zoysia grass seed can be easily planted and grow in a well-prepared soil bed. It can create a dense and beautiful warm grass if taken care of properly. It is ideal for a golf course and your lawn. Best results can be achieved if it is planted during early spring when soil temperature is 65 degrees or higher.

It is a warm season grass that exhibits a medium texture and medium green color. It forms a very dense turf by spreading above ground and underground runners. Since Zenith is slow growing it is less invasive than Bermuda grass and needs less mowing than other types. Like other warm season grasses, Zenith will go dormant and turn brown during cold winter months but will green up in early spring. Size and color of seed may vary from image shown. Zoysia grass seed should be applied at the rate of 1 – 2 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn or turf area.

Compadre Zoysia Grass Seed

Compadre Zoysia is very easy to plant and has a faster germination process with low water and fertilizer requirements. It takes only a couple of weeks to green up as compared to zenith zoysia type. Its color is very rich and vivid. This variety is worn tolerant and can be used on golf courses, athletic fields (baseball, softball and soccer), lawns and parks. In the warmer South, Compadre has good shade tolerance, while in the cooler areas it needs more sun.

Compadre is a favorite grass for the coastal areas due to its increased tolerance for salt spray. It is very tolerant of high salt concentrations in both irrigation water and soil. It needs only low maintenance with low fertilizer and water needs as well as natural weed suppression. Zoysia grass seed should be applied at the rate of 1-3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. or 40-80 lbs per acre.

Empire Zoysia Grass Seed

Revolutionary dark green and medium-bladed, Empire Zoysia grass seed is bug resistant and excellent in wear tolerance. It does not require much mowing and herbicides. Its best quality is the ability to allow water supply to be shut off in severe periods of drought without the danger of dying off. Empire is the perfect choice for most home gardens as well as golf applications. Empire is the proven Zoysia grass that can thrive in areas where others are not well adapted.

A soft broadleaf variety of the Zoysia species, which have proved themselves in over a century of usage in the warmer southern parts of the USA. This particular variety of Zoysia has also performed well in Western Australia. It is sturdy, durable and soft and requires little mowing in the cooler months.

Buy Zoysia Grass – Where to Buy Good Quality Seeds

It is important to buy buy Zoysia grass which is good and healthy from reputable shops or sellers. There are a lot of companies and stores who sell it just near your house or marketplace. You can also purchase online, and it will be delivered to you at no time. Some of them even offer a wide variety that you can plant throughout the seasons.

Still, some companies also offer seeds and plugs that you can choose from just in case you cannot find what you are looking for on one website. For example, Zoysia grass seed Lowes in the USA is dedicated to proving high quality of seeds and service.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed For Sale:

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed (2 lbs.) 100% Pure Seed

You get the actual 2 lbs. of seed (no mulch), with each bag can cover up to 2,000 square feet. Establishing lawns with Zenith Zoysia seed is superior to grass plugs as it is easier, faster, and cheaper. It makes a very dense, dark green, beautiful lawn that’s drought tolerant, cold hardy, and tolerant of extreme heat.

This variety of seed is ideal for home lawns, commercial landscapes, golf courses (fairway, tee, or rough), sports fields, and roadsides. It has a low water requirement (drought tolerant), little nutrition need and is also a dense turf that resists weeds. It is shade tolerant, widely adaptable to full sun or light shade. Please note that, in Zones 8 and lower (i.e. colder), it is too late in the season to have success planting Zenith Zoysia seeds. Wait to plant until spring, after danger of last spring frost.

Compadre Zoysia Grass Seed For Sale:

Compadre Zoysia Grass Seed “100% Pure Seeds Signature Series” 1 Lb. Bulk

Home owners like to look for Compadre zoysia grass seed for sale because of its darker green color, improved texture, and density as well as longer lasting green in the fall and earlier green in the spring. The seeding rate is at 1 – 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 40 – 80 lbs. per acre for broadcast seeding.

Plant when the soil temperature reaches 70 degrees in spring up until a minimum of 10 weeks before frost in fall. You cannot fail with this grass variety. It can be seeded on any turf grass project that is specified for zoysia grass use. It is an excellent choice to replace common zoysia or any of the other seeded zoysia brands or varieties, as well as a good substitution for some of the vegetative varieties. Golf course tees, fairways & roughs, sports fields, schools, parks and home lawns can all use zoysia for high-quality turf.

The leaf width and turf texture of Compadre Zoysia is more similar to Meyer vegetative Zoysia, which is a medium to medium-fine textured turf grass variety depending on how thick it is seeded. Advisable to mow established grass between 1/2 inch and 2 1/2 inches height every week based on turf use. The more frequent the mowing, the finer the texture, and best maintained at lower mowing heights, as small as 3/8 inch (9 mm). More frequent mowing will also increase the turf density of any of the Zoysia grass cultivars.

Empire Zoysia Grass Seed For Sale:

Empire (Zoysia) 400 Sq. Ft.

This type of Empire zoysia grass seed for sale is available in 400 square foot pallets. Empire Turf is an improved Zoysia grass that is soft to the touch, tight-bladed growth, and lush green color. Empire utilizes exceptional drought tolerance and lowers chemical needs to meet “green building” standards. Empire’s deep root structure enables it to extract water from the deep soil, and its drought avoidance mechanisms ensure its survival during water shortages. It can grow in many types of soil. Although it thrives in tropical and sub-tropical climates, it is also relatively hardy during the cold season.

First developed in Brazil, this variety requires less maintenance than other warm season grasses. Also, a very environmentally friendly grass, Empire Zoysia grass is very drought tolerant, resistant to insects, tolerates heat, wear, is naturally weed resistant and has excellent disease resistance. It is durable enough for professional use and a favorite among homeowners. It is suitable for residential applications, golf courses, parks, community green spaces and commercial environments like office complexes and retail centers. It is low in maintenance but high in durability with tight and dense growth pattern. It greens up early and stays green late.